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Vallie’s Story

Vallie Noles, known professionally as VALLIE, is an American singer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Gaining attention from self-released EPs in the past few years, she has gained national exposure, and has just released her latest EP “Circumstances” on April 22, 2022. Earning recognition through her self-produced and self-written music, emotional performances, and cinematic style; this originally Pop/R&B indie artist, has started breaking into a genre of her own.

Having released three Eps and one full album, her discography spans a wide range of musical styles, and her witty lyrics are often inspired by personal experiences and touch on deeper themes such as; mental and physical health, anxiety and trauma as well as individualism, culture, and embracing one’s self. Her work also often touches on psychological concepts challenging perception and reality. These concepts are intricately weaved into the complex visuals of her music videos as she creates vast and imaginative worlds.

While conveying positivity and encouraging authenticity through her works and reach, Vallie has been published in multiple articles & magazines such as being featured on the cover of May 2022 edition of Malvie Magazine, featured article in May 2022 Hushh Magazine, and the Knoxville Voyager.  In addition to be featured on TV segments such as ABCs Living East Tennessee-WATE Channel 6.